Is This Real???


So if your like me and you sit for hours watching make up tutorials and scrolling endlessly through Buzzfeed, then you might have heard of the completely racist and ignorant “chocolate challenge”.

But what is the chocolate challenge? Well let me enlighten you.

The chocolate challenge was done by the beauty blogger and her friend depicted in the photo. They had the challenge of taking their pale skin and turning themselves darker. They two said that they were not aware of black face or that it would receive negative comments…

Unless you are blatantly stupid or decide to be ignorant you would have seen the issue with doing this from a mile away.

To clear up what is wrong with this challenge I shall create a list below:

  1. It is Black Face
  2. Obviously racist
  3. dark skin is not a trend
  4. lacks basic common sense
    1. side note my cousin is African-American and has blue eyes that she inherited from her mother…

Due to the comments on their social media pages they are taking a break from posting (insert praise Jesus emoji)

Before you post something online stop and asks yourself “could this back fire?” if so then ask “is it worth it?” if not then don’t do it!

But you do have the right to post it… just be more aware


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