Don’t let me adult…

Here I sit writing this post. I am eighteen years old and just graduated from high school. I even paid taxes last year… And now the next step is right in front of me. In exactly one month I shall enter my freshmen year of college.

But please, I beg you, don’t let me adult.

This is not me simply wanting to not have to grow up, it’s the fact that I feel like I am missing essential tools that I will need in the “real world” that me and my fellow graduates all feel.

In high school I took AP GOV and passed my exam, but when it comes to real life politics and political parties… I feel like I am taking a shot in the dark when it comes to voting and understanding what policies they are pushing onto Americans. I understand how laws are passed, how many seats there are, how the electoral congress is passed, and the first governing documents. But when you ask me who I want to vote for, all I have are the views that my family has placed n me.. and not my own.

I know that since I have an income thanks to my job I have to pay taxes as my duty as an American citizen… I know the general concept of where my taxes are supposed to go, but when Idaho had a surplus of tax money left over that never got used when there are people living in poverty… I get lost.

Please don’t let me adult because I have questions that my education never answered. I know what seven virtues I need to live a  life, I know how to fill out FASFA and that I need to pursue a degree in higher education… but after that…

Please don’t let me adult because these questions make me hesitate to take a leap. If I have to spend the next few years standing in the background of change because I never had the tools to understand, I could be missing out on opportunities to impact and change what I see around me.

I ask you to not let me adult… revoke my adulting licenses”, or even suspend it until I feel I can make calculated decisions with all the facts laid out in front of me.

Until then, I will continue to learn on my own, and I hope to be able to fill in the gaps on my own.


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