Hello there, dear friend. I thought you had left for a while. I realized you were gone after I started to feel confident in those around me. When I found myself able to trust again. But no, you came back. You came back after all of this time. One word can set you back, that one word is disappointment.

Whether the word or action causes you to fall, you still fall, and it still hurts. And it is a pain you cannot explain… no matter how hard you try. It feels like the moment you drop and break your favorite plate. When the person who used to love you no longer does. When you plan out how a date will go in your head, for them to never show up and cancel. When you finally tell them how you feel… just to be told that they never saw you “like that”.

After that word, that action, keeps throwing you down and down and down, you start to prepair yourself. You no longer tell people how you truely feel out of fear of that word. You stop making plans because of that word. You start walking on eggshells and eventually stop walking all together,

Oh what a vicious cycle.

But this time, I am glad you are here disappointment. I am glad you are in my life. Because for every “no” I recieve, five more opportunities turn into “yes”. You can close all the doors you want, but I can bust down walls and make my own door.



Did Someone Say Pineapple?

Did someone say pineapple? Or perhaps… Blueberry.

Well at comic con they did. Coming December 2017 Psych the movie will be here! If you have never hear of the show, then buy all of the seasons and binge watch them now because nothing else matters… Psych stars Shaw, son of a police officer who pretends to be psychic and helps solve cases for Santa Barbra PD.

When I heard this news, I knew that God was real and he was bring Christmas early this year. This will be THE MOVIE to watch this holiday season. I know that this is not what you were expecting on this blog but I could not help my self from spreading this joy. So this is just a small break from the harsh cold reality, and replacing it with a moment of peace and good will in the world…


Books to Change the Soul~ July 2017

Hi there! So if you knew me in person you would know by now that I am a massive book nerd. In print, I have over three hundred books. Every single one I have read more than once… proudly.

Through literature I have found books that have spoken and changed my perspective. Here are the four books that I am recommending for this month.

The theme for these books is the idea that one can redeem themselves through love. And when “shit hits the fan” love can be your guide if you allow it to.

  1. Their Eyes Were Watching God: This book makes on the list for the main character has men that come and go in her life. But the love and appreciation that she gains for herself in the end showcases her as a woman who can stand on her own.
  2. Song Of Solomon: Showcases the different types of love that comes through life changes, the feeling of family love, cultural, lust, and self-love all reflect with Milkman, the main character. This story will teach you that the love of where you came from will lead you down the path to redemption.
  3. The Road: A mediation on a father and his son serving post apocalyptic travel. The love story between the two and their fight for survival will leave you with a new-found respect or the lengths we are willing to go to protect those who we love.
  4. Beloved: What would you do if you had the chance to re-love someone who was gone from your life? When the character beloved returns, the lines that create love are reinterpreted and re-designed and also questions how far are you willing to go for love.

Id any if you guys have book suggestions I would love to hear them! Please comment them below and maybe I will feature them next month…

Happy Reading!


The Age of Female Leads

In an industry fueled by testosterone, women are finally taking charge.

This year we witnessed wonderwomen hit the screen and blow out competitors in the box office. We saw an actress, who served for two years as a soldier in the Israel Defense Forces where she was a combat trainer, show women of all ages that you can be more.

That you can do any job that a man can do, and still do it remarkably well.

This year BBC announced a women doctor. Now, I know that there are some trolls out there that hate a women being casted in this role, but I don’t care. I can yell just as loud as you can, and I am going to blatantly ignore all trolls comments because no one is going to ruin this.

This is the year of the female and Hollywood is backing every single young girl out there with a dream. We just have to be willing to stand up and fight. God gave you a voice so use it to invoke change and use it invoke progress.

The saying the future is human… has no changed to the future is female. We just have to follow these amazing women, we have to support each other and not bring each other down. We are on the fore front of a new beginning, we just have to take that one step forward and never stop walking.

Don’t let me adult…

Here I sit writing this post. I am eighteen years old and just graduated from high school. I even paid taxes last year… And now the next step is right in front of me. In exactly one month I shall enter my freshmen year of college.

But please, I beg you, don’t let me adult.

This is not me simply wanting to not have to grow up, it’s the fact that I feel like I am missing essential tools that I will need in the “real world” that me and my fellow graduates all feel.

In high school I took AP GOV and passed my exam, but when it comes to real life politics and political parties… I feel like I am taking a shot in the dark when it comes to voting and understanding what policies they are pushing onto Americans. I understand how laws are passed, how many seats there are, how the electoral congress is passed, and the first governing documents. But when you ask me who I want to vote for, all I have are the views that my family has placed n me.. and not my own.

I know that since I have an income thanks to my job I have to pay taxes as my duty as an American citizen… I know the general concept of where my taxes are supposed to go, but when Idaho had a surplus of tax money left over that never got used when there are people living in poverty… I get lost.

Please don’t let me adult because I have questions that my education never answered. I know what seven virtues I need to live a  life, I know how to fill out FASFA and that I need to pursue a degree in higher education… but after that…

Please don’t let me adult because these questions make me hesitate to take a leap. If I have to spend the next few years standing in the background of change because I never had the tools to understand, I could be missing out on opportunities to impact and change what I see around me.

I ask you to not let me adult… revoke my adulting licenses”, or even suspend it until I feel I can make calculated decisions with all the facts laid out in front of me.

Until then, I will continue to learn on my own, and I hope to be able to fill in the gaps on my own.

Is This Real???


So if your like me and you sit for hours watching make up tutorials and scrolling endlessly through Buzzfeed, then you might have heard of the completely racist and ignorant “chocolate challenge”.

But what is the chocolate challenge? Well let me enlighten you.

The chocolate challenge was done by the beauty blogger and her friend depicted in the photo. They had the challenge of taking their pale skin and turning themselves darker. They two said that they were not aware of black face or that it would receive negative comments…

Unless you are blatantly stupid or decide to be ignorant you would have seen the issue with doing this from a mile away.

To clear up what is wrong with this challenge I shall create a list below:

  1. It is Black Face
  2. Obviously racist
  3. dark skin is not a trend
  4. lacks basic common sense
    1. side note my cousin is African-American and has blue eyes that she inherited from her mother…

Due to the comments on their social media pages they are taking a break from posting (insert praise Jesus emoji)

Before you post something online stop and asks yourself “could this back fire?” if so then ask “is it worth it?” if not then don’t do it!

But you do have the right to post it… just be more aware

Why Are People Cruel?

Why are people cruel? Do they get off making, watching, causing, pain in those that walk across their path?

Why do people belittle others? Do they believe that they stand on a pedestal and it is their job and/or right to criticize those who walk below?

Why is that on the one good day, the one day I can actually walk on solid ground… someone comes along to ruin it all… The one day I actually wake up with a smile on my face, not the one that is faked and forced, but the one that comes naturally…

Why as human beings do we hurt each other… why are we cruel