Books to Change the Soul~ July 2017

Hi there! So if you knew me in person you would know by now that I am a massive book nerd. In print, I have over three hundred books. Every single one I have read more than once… proudly.

Through literature I have found books that have spoken and changed my perspective. Here are the four books that I am recommending for this month.

The theme for these books is the idea that one can redeem themselves through love. And when “shit hits the fan” love can be your guide if you allow it to.

  1. Their Eyes Were Watching God: This book makes on the list for the main character has men that come and go in her life. But the love and appreciation that she gains for herself in the end showcases her as a woman who can stand on her own.
  2. Song Of Solomon: Showcases the different types of love that comes through life changes, the feeling of family love, cultural, lust, and self-love all reflect with Milkman, the main character. This story will teach you that the love of where you came from will lead you down the path to redemption.
  3. The Road: A mediation on a father and his son serving post apocalyptic travel. The love story between the two and their fight for survival will leave you with a new-found respect or the lengths we are willing to go to protect those who we love.
  4. Beloved: What would you do if you had the chance to re-love someone who was gone from your life? When the character beloved returns, the lines that create love are reinterpreted and re-designed and also questions how far are you willing to go for love.

Id any if you guys have book suggestions I would love to hear them! Please comment them below and maybe I will feature them next month…

Happy Reading!



Between The World And Me


“But you are a black boy, and you must be responsible for your body” (pg.71) because someone might take it from you.


The essential question that surrounds Ta-Nehisi’s book Between the World and Me, asks readers is, what does it mean to lose your body.


I believe that this book should be on every coffee table of small colored children and even non-colored children. This will be a required reading for my children and their children and even their children for this book gave me hope and lit a fire I did not even know I could have.


For those of colored decent, this book shows a father telling his son that he must be responsible for his body, because society and words of hate can take it from you. The father’s words transcend history of current and past drawing parallels between events. It lights a fire of change and the determination to fight and not just be a number, but to me more than just a dream a person had, but to act and turn a dream into policy.


For those who don’t think they can relate to the book… you can. You may not have personal experiences like those of the father, but you can still read and learn a new perspective. People must be willing to look at both sides of the story before they hold onto their beliefs with passion. Almost everyone will be a parent or sibling, aunt, uncle, and everyone tries to protect their children and family. Protecting children and family can be difficult and everyone ask themselves questions and must explain situations they wish they never had to do. That is how we can relate to this text.


This book shows that there is not one true solution to anything. It educates readers on the responsibility that everyone holds in modern America, and situations in the past that led us to what we are today, and the possibility that we can change.